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The Nail station with a built-in vacuum system. This product consist of the following elements:

  1. Nail table: This is a popular nail table found in many nail salons. The dimensions are not much different from a standard and regular nail table.

  2. Built-in Vacuum system
    The system includes three main parts, the fan, the dust hoses, and the vacuum bag. The fan creates powerful suction force to pick up all most all of the dust generated from nail filing. Also the fan works quietly meeting the salon atmosphere. The vacuum bag is designed and made by professionals from vacuum and air purification industry. It not only traps up the dust but also to reduce the unpleasant fume from acetone and acrylic liquid. The dust hoses are special designed for this particular system

  3. Granite top
    Designed to resist the erosion from chemical and rubbing. Granite top also designed to bear the suction mouth of the Vacuum system. Therefore, this granite top is also specifically made for the station.
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  • Tables being shipped Aug 1st.
  • All new orders set to be shipped immediatley following.

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