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A mechanical engineer has created these amazing manicure stations (tables), the No-dust manicure tables. The first time ever, nail salon owners and technicians will be able to buy a nail station with a reasonable price, high quality, contemporary design, and moreover, a completely no-dust nail table.

One thing that bothers every nail technician is the dust generating from filing of the acrylic or gel nails. Dust also very much interferes the comfort of clients. Now with the high power of the dust suction, there is no more any fear of dust. No more discomfort.

NAIL VAC LLC is an authorized company established in New Jersey in 2011

NAIL VAC LLC operates in the following fields:

       Manufacturing of the nail tables.

       Marketing of nails products

       Supporting the clients after sales

In manufacturing of the nail tables, our company focuses on the quality and artistic features. The nail tables are made of American-standard engineered wood in high standard facilities in a new and modern factory in Vietnam. The tables are topped with carefully-picked, high quality granite to match the color and beauties of the shapes.

The vacuum system is designed and engineered by experts and engineers. The system meets the requirements of working environments in high-end salons. The fan creates powerful suction force to pick up almost all of the dust generated from nail filing. Also the fan works quietly meeting the salon atmosphere. The vacuum bag is designed and made by professionals from vacuum and air purification industry. It not only traps up the dust but also to reduce the unpleasant fume from acetone and acrylic liquid.

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  • Tables being shipped Aug 1st.
  • All new orders set to be shipped immediatley following.

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